Musical- und Film-Arrangements




Arlen, Harold

The Wizard of Oz

James Barnes

Bary, John

Out of Africa

Johan de Meij

Conti, Bill

North and South

Frank Bernaerts

Elfman, Danny

Music for a Darkened Theatre

Michael Brown


Selection from

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Michael Brown

Horner, James

Avatar Soundtrack Highlights

Jay Bocook


Apollo 13

Ton van Grevenborek


The Perfect Storm

Ralph Ford

Loewe, Frederick

My Fair Lady (Auszüge)

Alfred Reed

Silvestri, Alan

The Feather Song (aus Forrest Gump)

Arr. Aidan Thomas

Steiner, May

Gone with the Wind

Hardy Schneiders

Steinman, Jim

Tanz der Vampire

Wolfgang Wössner

Mangione, Chuck

Children of Sanchez

Peter Kleine Schaars


James Bond 007

Johan de Meij


Suite from Video Games Live


Williams, John

Hymn to the Fallen Men

Philip Sparke


Music from Jurassic Park

Jay Bocook

Zimmer, Hans

The Dark Knight Rises (Batman)

Ralph Ford


The Last Samurai

Frank Bernaerts


The Lion King

Jay Bocook